Our 2016 Year In Review


2016 was a blur. It was truly a time where everything happened quickly, and I had pushed my mental limit as far as I could. I didn’t think I had it in me, but it’s great to see that some of the work of 2011-2015 is starting to manifest itself into something amazing. The best part about doing these Year in Reviews, is that it gives me an opportunity to document the journey, because time flies.

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BLUE1647 in Times Square


Where do I start? I’ll try and go in chronological order

Highlights: My 2016 Year in Review: Testified for Congress, 60 articles about BLUE1647, 22 Awards, 5 Trips to the White House, New York Times feature, Root 100 Award, SXSW Award, Chicago Innovation Award, Chicago Inno 50 on Fire, 2 Resolutions, 1 Law passed, 1 Film Festival, and a Hackathon in 8 states. WHAT A YEAR! Thank you everyone for your support and allowing me to chronicle the journey.

Nelly stopped by the office in St. Louis. Yeah, that Nelly.

My mother and I were featured on TV One’s Change Agents: History in the Making

Keynote at a Young Mens Conference

9 Tech Leaders in Chicago you should meet

Did my first live talk show in front of a studio audience

Received a SXSW Dewey Award as a top social innovator in the world

Received a Cook County Resolution for contributions to making Cook County better, by Cook County Commissioner Chuy Garcia.

Featured in the Root for getting my tech inspiration from Afro Futurism

Featured in PolicyLink for our ability to inspire public policy change

Received a Resolution by the Missouri House of Representatives, sponsored by State Representative Courtney Curtis.


Had an Illinois law passed through our organization, Social Change

Recognized as the Root 100, top 100 most influential Black Americans.

Testified in front of Congress on Federal IT Spending

We had the best month ever in the history diversity in tech

Appointed to the Cook County Commision on Social Innovation

Appointed to the Polsky Council, the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation for the University of Chicago.

We won the Chicago Inno 50 on Fire

Visited the White House 5 times in 2016

The White House did a presentation and event at BLUE1647

The United States Department of Commerce held an event at BLUE1647

And here’s links from all of our press for 2016

12-19-2016: (Compton Unified School District) CUSD and Blue1647 are training the next generation of engineers, coders and programmers. They got a head start at the CUSD Hackathon. See what they created.
11-25-2016: (Audio WGN Radio) Blue1647: A space where ideas meet execution.
10-10-2016: (Michigan Avenue Magazine Issue 5 – Late Fall): Cracking The Code featuring Emile Cambry, Jr. of BLUE1647. (pg. 72).
06-16-2016: (Video)(Good Evening with Pat Whalen): EPISODE 16: of the Pat Whalen show with Emile Cambry of BLUE1647.
02-15-2016: (Startup Institute Chicago) CHICAGO TECH KNOWS HOW TO PARTY WITH A PURPOSE.

4 responses to “Our 2016 Year In Review

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  2. 2016 was another year of progressive growth at BLUE1647! >Many additional contributors with more to follow in 2017! >Your Role Choice, Either Continue with your on-going assistance or join in 2017! >STILL MUCH ROOM & ADDITIONAL OPENINGS!!!

  3. I’m really thrilled to see Blue1647 (and you) get the recognition and momentum you deserve. I notice you didn’t mention the merger or the relocation, though, and I’m still a little confused about it myself as a member. Care to add something more about it? Was it an accomplishment or a compromise?

  4. Definitely an accomplishment. Forgot to mention it. Will update : )

    More details about that in a week or so.

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