My 2015 Year In Review

Wow. What a year. A good year, with tons of room for improvement. I’ve learned what it meant to truly be busy, but I also recognize I have a ways to go as far as my discipline and work ethic to achieve the outcomes I’m hoping for. 2015 was filled with ups and downs personally, professionally, and financially, but we made it through, and at a high level. 2015 will be the year I’ll always remember as the year where I had a sneak peek of what’s to come.

I keep saying I’ll get back to blogging on a regular basis, and I’m back. I’ve finally found my purpose and ready to share with whomever is interested in taking it in.

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The highlight of my 2015 was being named the Ebony Power 100, which was truly a dream come true. I’m still in shock and had an amazing experience. I’m not one to be amazed by awards, but it was truly an honor and reminded me how much impact we’re having in the lives of others.


I also directed two documentaries! It was amazing to get back into filmmaking and combine both of my interests: social change films and our work with BLUE1647. I’m looking forward to a 2016 where I can do even more filmmaking. Here’s the first documentary film, and here’s the trailer for the second one.

BLUE1647 did some major work in 2016!

Year in Review BLUE

Chicago International Social Change Film Festival

We pulled off our 4th Annual Film Festival and it keeps getting better and better every year. Despite being stretched thin with BLUE1647, we put together a one of a kind festival. I expect even better things for 2016. We doubled our film submissions we received.



Chicago’s Top 100 Innovators by the Chicago Tribune

American Graduate Champion by WTTW Chicago

Men of the Month

TBT News 25

Dewey Winburne Community Service Awards by South by Southwest

Ebony Magazine Power 100

Small Business Influencer Awards Top 100 Champions for 2015

African-American Influencers Making an Impact on Society by Inc Magazine

TBT News Business Stories of the Year


Press We Received

  • 2015
09-28-2015: Microsoft Chicago Blog Post: Englewood Blue: A Movement.
09-09-2015: (DePaul University Newsline) DEPAUL STUDENTS LEARN CODE, BUILD APPS AT BLUE1647. 
08-25-2015: (Built In Chicago & Chicago Innovation) BLUE1647 opens first nationwide tech innovation center at a federally funded housing development in St. Louis in its first national expansion. (Article 1, Article 2). (Audio: Stacy Fowler Manager of Special Projects SLATE on Jobs Plus program). (Video: Collage recap).
08-12-2015: (Atlanta Daily World, syndicated from The Chicago Defender) Blue 1647 launches branch in St. Louis.
08-09-2015: (Chicago Tribune) List’s BLUE1647 Code Chicago Coding Bootcamp.
08-04-2015: (Huffington Post‬ and ‪Ebony Magazine) BLUE1647 included in “8 Companies Making a Dent in the Digital Divide.”
07-24-2015:  Prominent Chicago tech figure coming to St. Louis: TechFlash 7 things, St. Louis Business Journal. 
06-25-2015: Chicago Ruby & WindyCity Rails Founder, Ray Hightower, on his 3D-printing experience at BLUE1647.
05-19-2015: (Video) Fox News covers: New Englewood tech hub hosts ‘Chicago Startup Boot Camp’. Video here.
05-19-2015: City of Chicago Press Release Announcement: Mayor Emanuel Announces Chicago Startup Boot Camp at BLUE1647 Englewood.
04-12-2015: BLUE1647 mentioned as a top tech space in Chicago: The Future Health Tech Hub Of The US? Maybe Sooner Than You Think.
04-06-2015: Chicago’s Tribune Blue Sky Innovation: BLUE1647’s Emile Cambry bringing coworking, accelerator to Englewood.
03-30-2015: WTTW recognizes BLUE1647 Founder, Emile Cambry, Jr., in Chicago’s American Graduate Champions!
03-20-2015: Chicago TECH & STEM star and Blue 1647 founder Emile Cambry answers “4QUICKQUESTIONS”.
03-09-2015: BLUE1647 Partners with DePaul University on a Coding Academy to Launch Community-Focused Projects.
01-20-2015: Hive Chicago Buzz Recap: Celebration and Activation.




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