It’s been an EXTREMELY busy 2015, and I have not neglected my blog. In fact, I’ll be picking it back up and updating more information. Here’s some links about what we’ve been working on for 2015!

07-24-2015:  Prominent Chicago tech figure coming to St. Louis: TechFlash 7 things, St. Louis Business Journal. 
06-25-2015: Chicago Ruby & WindyCity Rails Founder, Ray Hightower, on his 3D-printing experience at BLUE1647.
05-19-2015: City of Chicago Press Release Announcement: Mayor Emanuel Announces Chicago Startup Boot Camp at BLUE1647 Englewood.
04-12-2015: BLUE1647 mentioned as a top tech space in Chicago: The Future Health Tech Hub Of The US? Maybe Sooner Than You Think.
04-06-2015: Chicago’s Tribune Blue Sky Innovation: BLUE1647’s Emile Cambry bringing coworking, accelerator to Englewood.
03-30-2015: WTTW recognizes BLUE1647 Founder, Emile Cambry, Jr., in Chicago’s American Graduate Champions!
03-20-2015: Chicago TECH & STEM star and Blue 1647 founder Emile Cambry answers “4QUICKQUESTIONS”.
03-09-2015: BLUE1647 Partners with DePaul University on a Coding Academy to Launch Community-Focused Projects.
01-20-2015: Hive Chicago Buzz Recap: Celebration and Activation.

2 responses to “Updates

  1. 10.01.15 > BLUE1647 > Moving From 2015 To Q4/2015 Has Been Marked By Even More Significant Growth & Expansion So That 2015 Will Be Continue To Be A “Highlight” Year! > Even With Everything, WE Are Looking For Even Greater Growth & Expansion! > “JOIN US!” > There Is Always Room For The More Serious & Ambitious People & Teams!

  2. 01.01.16 > BLUE1647 > 2015 Was A Year Of Significant Growth & Expansion In Numerous Highlighted Areas By Founder Emile Cambry! > Growth & Expansion Excitement Can Be Found In Many Areas! > Even With ALL, There Is Always Room For The More Serious & Ambitious Individuals & Teams!…….

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