My 2014 Year In Review

I publish these Year in Review posts, as an opportunity for me to look back and see all that I’ve been fortunate enough to accomplish. Building something is tough, and when it gets really tough, you have to find “sunny days” whenever you can to help you move forward. I’m not sure if 2014 was an inflection point, but it certainly was a year I’ll never forget. In 2015, I’m going to have to double-down my efforts to maintain the momentum. 2014 was also filled with a great deal of failures and missed opportunities, almost too many to name : ) Special thanks to my teammates who have made this possible. We worked hard in 2014, harder than I ever thought I could.

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Brief Recap of 2014


We really made some moves this year with BLUE1647. We did the impossible. We created a sustainable organization that can grow and scale. We went from one burgeoning location to almost six planned for 2015. I can’t wait to see what happens and where we go with this.

Chicago International Social Change Film Festival

We pulled off our 3rd Annual Film Festival and it keeps getting better and better every year. Despite being stretched thin with BLUE1647, we put together a one of a kind festival. I expect even better things for 2015. We doubled our film submissions we received.



Innovation Award, awarded by the Chicago Inventors Organization

Innovator Award, awarded by the Chicago Urban League

16 Most Powerful Men on the South Side of Chicago

Most Influential African Americans of Chicago, awarded by Chicago Peoples Voice,

40 Game Changers under the Age of 40, awarded by WVON, Verizon, and Ariel Mutual Funds

Heroes of Chicago, awarded by GoodCity Chicago

Circle of Centaurs, awarded by Remy Martin

Crains Tech 50, awarded by Crains Chicago Business

Impact Award, awarded by the Social Enterprise Alliance

Inspiring Chicagoans, awarded by Connect. Inspire. Grow

Humanitarian Award for Technical Arts, by Fashion and Arts Humanity Fete

Leadership Award, awarded by STARS Academy Engineering School

Certificate of Appreciation, awarded by the Haitian American Professional Network


Joined these Advisory Boards and Board of Directors 

Executive Council, Ms. Tech

Board of Directors, Accion

Advisory Board, Chicago Inno


Press I/We Received

12-17-2014: BLUE1647 announced a partnership with Rainbow PUSH aimed at increasing diversity in tech.
12-12-2014: Chicago Innovation – Chicago’s BLUE1647 Expands to Increase Tech Diversity In St. Louis.
12-05-2014: Lextech shares their Code Day Chicago experience at BLUE1647. 
11-04-2014: Illinois Technology Partnership blog post on how BLUE1647 reflects diversity.
10-10-2014: Online literary media journal Slag Glass City featuring BLUE1647.
09-25-2014: Illinois Technology Partnership post mentioning BLUE1647 in “Illinois Must Prioritize Human Capital”.
09-17-2014: BLUE1647 CEO, Emile Cambry Jr, on WBEZ: Englewood Tech Feature.
09-16-2014: The New Face of Human Capital: An Interview with Emile Cambry Jr. of BLUE1647
08-29-2014: New MAADD/Blue1647 partnership brings two new youth job programs! Bringing new employment opportunities and detouring youth away from urban crime.
03-27-2014: Chicago Now blog post: Spaces For The Common Good. 
03-12-2014: BLUE1647 founder, Emile Cambry, Jr. speaking on Chicago tech ecosystems for WBEZ 91.5.  
02-07-2014: BLUE tenant member organization, The Chicago Inventors Organization, on Harry Porterfield’s “People You Should Know” on CBS2.


New Initiatives Launched

REEL Illinois, Illinois state Community College Film Competition

Jet Magazine weekly column, Upload


Amazing Events We Hosted

12-10-2014: “Redistricting reform and Latino political power in Illinois” panel, with Latino Policy Forum and Change Illin

11-08-09-2014: The only 2014 venue host for CodeDay Chicago, a national Hackathon with 31 cities nationwide, for high school & college students.

10-23-24-2014: The 2nd Annual Playful City USA Leaders Summit brought together select Playful City USA teams that are at the vanguard of growing the playability movement.

09-13-2014: The Internship Accelerator Demo Day, sponsored by the State of Illinois, was the accelerated 6-week culmination of immersive learning, teamwork, and over 150 hours of coding for 90 students.

08-23-24-2014: Financial Empowerment Hackathon of the Treasurer’s Office of the City of Chicago. (30-50 developers, participants, local and national judges in tech, non-profit and government worlds).

07-27-2014: Groupon Chicago / Groupon Grassroots Hackathon: (60-75 Groupon Engineers, and student attendees): This full-day Hackathon (programming competition) involved participants working on a Divvy app (Bike Sharing) data challenge.

06-27-2014: UNETWORK’S emerge/NEXT mini-Hackathon: (185-200 attendees) UNETWORK has teamed up with SCION, Toyota On Western, and BLUE|1647 to present emerge/NEXT designed for ambitious and inquisitive students

02-16-2014: Data Write-A-Thon organized by Trina Chiasson & Dyanna Gregory and sponsored by the Reynolds Journalism Institute.


Speaking Engagements

I had an opportunity to present/speak at over 37 events and panel discussions in 2014.

7 responses to “My 2014 Year In Review

  1. What an incredible year, Emile. Congratulations, and may your 2015 be as fruitful!

  2. 2014 was a turn-the-corner year for BLUE1647 > 2015 will be a go-to-full throttle year for BLUE1647 > For the Serious & Ambitious, Join us NOW!

  3. Q1/2015 has come & gone > BLUE1647 has opened it with a “GREAT” Start! > However, There Is Still Time For The “Serious & Ambitious” to Join Us NOW!!!

  4. Q2/2015 has picked-up where Q1/2015 left off with continued & accelerated growth at BLUE1647 > However, YOU Can Still Join US “NOW”, There Is Still Room For The “Serious & Ambitious!!!”…

  5. 07.01.2015 > This Q3/2015 Start Date Marks The Half-Way Point In 2015! > BLUE1647 Has Done Some “Serious” Growth & Expansion Which Speaks Well For A Strong 2015 Finish > However, There Is Still Room For YOU To Join US If YOU Are Both “Serious & Ambitious” As An Entrepreneur Building And / Or Accelerating Your Business!!!”…

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