Code Chicago debuts. Web and mobile programming courses at BLUE1647



After some of the success we’ve had with the 21st Century Youth Project, we frequently receive requests to offer courses for college students and adult learners. Many people we’ve come in contact with have great app ideas, but need an instructor guiding them the throughout the process. Additionally, we have folks that want to become more technical, so they can work with folks that are. And lastly, we come into contact with people that are considering career changes or re-entering the workforce, and need tech skills to make that happen. In the past, we didn’t have a permanent space to call home, since we had been working with school districts and their facilities.

Now that we have a technology and entrepreneurship incubator, BLUE1647, we thought it was the perfect time to debut classes, Code Chicago. This dynamic educational series will provide a diverse group of participants with a chance to learn about what’s driving mobile Android, iOS, and web technologies. Through these 12-week courses ($1500/course), students will also receive a blended learning environment which consists of weekly (three hours per week) classes face-to-face, and supplemental instruction facillitated through the web. It will also be used to reinforce everything we cover in class.

Code Chicago is also devoted toward helping to develop what the organization itself sees as an “untapped market” regarding lowering barriers for those wanting relevant in-person instruction, and to the long-term potential of the students themselves. In addition to providing talented individuals with technical guidance, the program also seeks to help build up communities in and around the Chicago area. We hope this will enlarge the market of people that can affect change and solve problems in our communities, but also come out with cool apps that solve everyday problems for everyone. Our programs will be tightly integrated into our hackathonsmeetups, weekly hack days, and our other entrepreneurship programs offered at BLUE1647. Last week, we had a Correctional Facility Data Camp, and we will strongly encourage our students to participate in these sort of events at BLUE1647 and anywhere else they can have practical application.

We don’t view each “class” as an isolated class. We are offering a sequence of classes, in hopes that students continue to receive instruction, engage with the BLUE1647 community, and work with our students of the 21st Century Youth Project and outside community. After our intro class, we’ll have an intermediate class, and see where this can go. This model helps us to continue to support and provide FREE classes with the 21st Century Youth Project.

Apply now at

Coming soon to BLUE1647: classes in hardware, game design, and networking.



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