21st Century Youth Project Launches OpenHack Program






For Immediate Release:

The 21st Century Youth Project is engaging professional computer engineers from top Chicago-based companies

As part of its most recent endeavor (the OpenHack project), 21stCYP is giving successful computer engineers a chance to make an impact while providing young techies with a great mentoring opportunity with the help of Groupon Chicago. 

 Monday, February 4th 2013:

For many young, aspiring computer gurus, getting a chance to learn directly from experienced computer engineers (who are already major players in the industry) might be considered an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.  Ambitious middle and high school students in and around the Chicago area are soon going to be able to do just that, courtesy of the “OpenHack” project brought to us courtesy of the 21st CYP (www.21CYP.com), and Groupon Chicago.

Just imagine being able to bring targeted training to the brightest and most enthusiastic students with an interest in computer engineering and web development.  In short, this is a great opportunity for the youth, who will undoubtedly gain great advantages through participation.  Likewise, this particular project will give computer engineers a forum for expressing their ideas and concepts to an eager audience who will most likely implement them in their future endeavors.  In other words, it’s a chance for successful computer wizards to give back, while at the same time being able to foster a community around their awe-inspiring ideas.

The group responsible for creating and initiating this ground-breaking educational program is the 21st Century Youth Project.  They have received numerous awards (including the prestigious Edison Award) for their efforts and have led a number of highly successful projects with similar aims.   In short, these are very forward-thinking individuals who are taking steps at the ground level to ensure that children falling under somewhat previously underrepresented demographics get an opportunity to empower themselves through advanced education.  By partnering with Groupon, and focusing on the youth, they are providing them with an avenue, which they can use to share their gifts with the world and perhaps even become positive role models in their own right.

The 21st Century Youth Project is slated to launch this amazing project on February 16th, 2013.  Students who are interested in participating should sign up at http://tinyurl.com/b465we3The first meetings will be held on February 16th and March 9th (Saturdays) from 1-5pm at Cibola (tech incubator, 1647 South Blue Island Ave.) in the main classroom.  The Mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel, recently commended the founders’ of Cibola stating: “The technology sector in Chicago is a growing, crucial area that will have an enormous impact on the City’s economy in the future. I am pleased that organizations like Cibola are focused on improving the diversity of the sector and ensuring that as our economy grows it reflects the diversity and vibrancy of the city’s people.”  Currently, the plan is to have participating engineers talk about their career, ideas, projects, and develop a lesson plan from 1-2pm.  Then from 2-5pm, the students would work on the lesson materials in groups.  Furthermore, all lessons will be made available publicly through slideshare.net for access by students at a later date. The radio show Practically Speaking will be covering the event. Practically Speaking is a radio program (Vocalo 90.7, Chicago Public Media) that discusses issues that meet at the intersection of race, culture, and class in fresh and meaningful ways.

This is not only a great opportunity for middle school and high school students, it’s a chance for professional computer engineers to enrich their lives and add some very respectable credentials to their résumé’s as well.  The OpenHack project is also co-sponsoring “hackathons” with Cibola (which students and volunteers are urged to participate in as well) which will help them to build real-world skills which are highly sought-after by certain professional organizations.

Volunteers sign up at http://bit.ly/12nBA6q

About The 21st Century Youth Project

The 21st Century Youth Project (www.21CYP.com) teaches technology as a path to opportunity.  It is a free comprehensive program that prepares middle and high school students for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) careers.  The program focuses on improving skills today (through immersive teaching and tutoring), tomorrow (through coaching and mentoring), and the future (through internship placement and Alumni Community), with an entrepreneurial focus.  Key deliverables for student participants are creation of mobile (Google Android, iPhone, iPad etc.) and web apps for accompanying business plans, accrual of college credits and case studies on their resumes and digital portfolios because of hands-on tangible skills gained through internship placements.

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