Cibola’s Launch Was A Success!

After several weeks of building out our facility, Cibola launched with several hundred folks from all backgrounds descending on our Pilsen home. At our event, we had a DJ, a performance by the Pilsen Senior Folkloric Dance organization, and a live art show where artists created our first creative work.

I couldn’t be happier for such an engaging event. The buzz and energy was apparent to everyone in the room, and I can’t wait for more events and opportunities to show off our space. Below is the first work that was created for our space.

Here’s a quote from the Mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel:

“I congratulate the founders of Cibola on an innovative, exciting venture. The technology sector in Chicago is a growing, crucial area that will have an enormous impact on the City’s economy in the future. I am pleased that organizations like Cibola are focused on improving the diversity of the sector and ensuring that as our economy grows it reflects the diversity and vibrancy of the city’s people.”



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