Latest Updates:Presentation at Chicago Counts and being named Chicagoan of the Week


It’s been a while since I’ve had a blog post. I’ll do a much better job of updating, and also writing business/tech analysis posts as well. I really wanted to write on the Facebook IPO, but ran out of time. Next time, I will not let another phenomenal opportunity to give my two cents pass by.

Last week, I was honored to have an opportunity as a Featured Speaker of the Chicago Counts non-profit/tech conference. It was a wonderful opportunity to connect with the non-profit world, and to impart some things that I’ve learned as a social entrepreneur and filmmaker. I presented on Social Change Filmmaking and the power of storytelling. To condense my presentation down to a few sentences, I attempted to sell everyone on how a film/video strategy should be a part of an overall marketing/business strategy of any non-profit and organization. And it’s not just to have one strategy, but to have a more granular approach to using it. Short films, interviews, and full-length films should be planned separately, just as an internet strategy bifurcates social media, Google Adwords, etc.

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to be named Chicagoan of the Week by the Top Sheet, a publication based out of Chicago recognizing some of my latest accomplishments and the work that I do. As I’ve always stated, it’s never about awards, but it’s great to get recognized for all of the work I do. It’s not easy work, and in addition to living a fulfilling life, it’s great to be noticed by others, which ultimately enables us to provide more services and resources to the communities we aim to affect.

Also: I’m now on Wikipedia.


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