The 21st Century Youth Project is awarded Gold Medal at 2012 Edison Awards


This most recent triumph for the 21stCYP showcases their innovation in the field of education 

 Combining the concepts of social awareness and charity with those of business innovation and education, the 21st Century Youth Project is truly a one-of-a-kind venture.  It provides help and hope to a great number of students in need, while at the same time, instilling inventive thinking and creative problem solving.  Perhaps this is why the 21stCYP just took home one of the most esteemed awards that a professional business organization can receive, an Edison Award.

“It is an honor and a privilege for The 21st Century Youth Project to receive an Edison Award in Education/Curriculum Programs. This is further validation of our innovative approach to engaging students. We’re teaching students to create on top of platforms that they consume every day. They create mobile apps, write a business plan, receive SAT math instruction, and are mentored by tech entrepreneurs all over the country. This award will ultimately enable us to work with more schools and engage more of our youth who may not have ever had a chance to learn how to code.”

Established in 1987, the Edison Awards were created to honor true innovation in business and industry.  Awards of this caliber are not handed out lightly; only the most innovative concepts and businesses are considered for this prize.    When you think of innovation in American business, the Edison Awards should immediately spring to mind.   Some of the most prestigious companies (and instantly recognizable brands) have received “Edison” awards over the years, including juggernauts like Apple and IBM.  Under their innovative (and free) educational program, the 21CYP brings together entrepreneurs and technical experts with enthusiastic students.  Students are essentially receiving fun hands-on educational experience and training that’s useful out in the real world (while those on the business side of things are helping to shape the future of industry).  The hope is that this pioneering program will promote future growth in various industries as well as create an even more knowledgeable and empowered workforce.  The awards ceremony itself took place on April 26th 2012 in NYC; the selection panel consisted of around 3,000 professionals, academics and specialists.   The 21st Century Youth Project took home the gold in the category of Curriculum / Educational Programs (which is a subset of Living, working and learning environments).  To learn more about the 21st Century Youth Project, visit


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