Latest Updates: Edison Awards Finalist and Top 50 Business School Professors on Twitter





In a latest wave of great news, I received some recognition from some unexpected places. On Friday, I found out I was named Top 50 Business School Professors on Twitter by This list includes the likes of juggernauts in the sphere of economists like: Paul Krugman; Austin Goolsbee; business school deans; and business professors from prestigious universities such as Harvard, Stanford and Columbia University. From their website:

You’ll find a few that hail from countries such as Finland, Italy or Russia while most of the others come from the U.S.  Criteria used to select these top 50 business school professors included variables such as number of tweets, number of followers, business school name, connections, pithy insight, and more.

Anytime you’re recognized without trying, it feels good. I’ve always tried to follow a dream, not knowing where that path would lead. On Monday, I found out I was a finalist for the prestigious Edison Awards, recognizing the innovative program we created with the 21st Century Youth Project.  We were voted as a finalist for the 2012 Edison Award by the Edison Award Steering Committee and more than 3,000 professionals from the fields of product development, design, engineering, science, marketing and education have voted. Only three finalists are selected from every category. The Edison Award website notes that the Edison Award recognizes “visionaries” and innovators who seek to “write a new chapter in American innovation history.” We will win either a Gold, Silver, or Bronze aware in NYC on April 26th, 2012. Edison Best New Product Awards have honored the some incredibly innovative products and some of the most incredible services and business leaders in the world. Some previous winners are widely known companies like: Ford Motor Company, Lockheed Martin, Starbucks, Gilette, and Coca-Cola. I’m humbled by the latest news, and it makes me feel better that my success is directly tied in to helping others.


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