My Op-Ed in Crain’s

For someone who has been reading business magazines since I can remember, you appreciate how much of an honor it is to write an OpEd piece for a prestigious publication. Here’s the link to the post. It’s especially an honor since it was a part of their highly anticipated 40 Under 40.


3 responses to “My Op-Ed in Crain’s

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed ur article and CNN ‘s Silicon Valley segment. I am an educator in Florida. I see many young African Amer and Hispanic males who r awesome n math yet hv no outlet to excel outside of school to encourage them.
    I am a native Chicagoan who is heavily involved with students n the inner city here in the Tampa Bay area. Reading is a struggle for most of them and behaviorial issues.

  2. Trimble, thanks for stopping by! If there’s any way we could connect, please let me know. My e-mail address is!

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