Latest Update: The 21st Century Youth Project is Featured on CNN!

In what is one of my proudest professional moments, we were filmed by CNN for their highly rated documentary series, Black in America. This latest edition focuses on technology, entrepreneurship, and the substantial divide with blacks and their counterparts. As you know with the 21st Century Youth Project, we teach middle and high school students to create mobile applications, not just in minority communities, but for our youth. It’s important that we train our younger generation to compete with their future/current competition: India, China, and Eastern Europe. With all of the statistics showing how we have decreasing numbers of engineering students, lower math scores, and diminishing job prospects, we have felt that our program aims to fill an important gap, and it’s great to receive national recognition. The important part isn’t for my own publicity, but for the opportunity to walk into school board meetings knowing I can let them know that we have CNN’s support in what we’re doing. In just a couple of days of having the preview shown on CNN, we have received countless e-mails of support and additional business development opportunities. I cannot wait to see where this goes. We have a couple more announcements over the next couple of weeks, and I cannot wait to let you know. Thanks again for all of your support.

Here’s the link for the preview. We’re at the 1:00 mark:


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