My 2009 New Years Resolutions

Every year comes the inevitable New Years Resolution. It’s the time where everyone is amped up for the new year, and adamantly believes that the next year will be better than the last. I am no different, and really encouraged by what 2009 has to offer.  The great thing about resolutions and starting fresh, is the positive outlook you have to have to start over with a clean slate, and focus on what you need to make you a better you. The challenge is that all too often, I end up fading from my goals, and come April or May, I forget altogether what I had in store for the year. This is my first year having a personal blog, and 2008 was a great year to build. I believe 2009 will be a great year to execute on everything that was built.

In 2008, I:

  • Launched several start-ups
  • Was featured in several publications
  • Left corporate America for the insanity of entrepreneurship
  • Received my MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management
  • Was accepted into a technology incubator
  • Was nominated for the Chicago Innovation Awards
  • Returned to health and fitness
  • Finally proved to myself that entrepreneurship and the entrepreneurial experience was something that I loved
  • Adopted a positive mental attitude, and transformed my understanding of the world works, and the power of the brain

Looking back, I’m really proud of what I have done in just one year. What I’m the most proud of is the last bullet point, adopting a positive mental attitude, understanding the power of the  brain and how the universe works.  I’ve read so many articles on the brain this past year. I’ve seen countless programs on the universe on the History Channel, and I’ve really been inspired by quantum mechanics brought about by The Secret, What The Bleep, and the book, Evolve Your Brain. It’s really transformed my personal universe, and given me the clarity to go after my goals.

With that being said, I still have quite a bit in store for 2009. I still have many things to incorporate into my daily lifestyle, hence, my 2009 resolutions:

  • Set up mechanisms to execute each and every day. All too often, I have extreme days where I do so much on some days, and nothing on other days. I have recently set up a basecamp and Soceeo account to manage my daily activities to hold me accountable.
  • Learn to be more transparent with my aspirations and goals with friends and family, and yes, even strangers. I have a tendency to hold all my cards to my chest, until the “ideal” time to inform the ones that care about me.  I have received great feedback by bouncing ideas off of people, especially family, and the more I discuss, the better I shall be. As an entrepreneur, you are often surrounded by other entrepreneurs or people in your industry. Having to explain what you are thinking to someone who has no idea about your space, can result in the most fascinating conversations. Most of my friends and family are not in the industries that I am the most passionate about, so discussing with them, can be a good litmus test, and help flush out the true value that I aim to create.
  • Blog more. I won’t say that blogging every day will be the norm, but I will work harder to ensure that I try and create conversations around content that I consume, and my two cents on what I think it means.
  • Conserve and eliminate waste. In all facets of life, I need to do a better job of being cognizant of the effects of my every day activities on others. Environmentally, fiscally, and emotionally.

If I can execute, be more transparent, and blog more, I think 2009 will be substantially better than 2008. I’m encouraged, especially because of the opportunities that exist in a turbulent economy. Let’s see how it goes.


3 responses to “My 2009 New Years Resolutions

  1. Congrats on an eventful 2008! One of the great things about entrepreneurship is how it helps you grow and mature as an individual.

    If you ever want to bounce ideas, feel free to holler!

  2. Justin, I definitely will. I think that a great deal of what I want to do, is very similar to what you guys are doing at DeltaBeans. Happy New Year!

  3. Evolve Your Brain, eh? I’ll have to check that book out. Sounds REALLY interesting!!

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