Grab the Twitter Survival Guide Today

My good friend and business partner, Kristen Nicole, has recently launched an E-Book entitled, Twitter Survival Guide: How to use Twitter to make friends, get a job, sell your brand and have fun. For those who may not know, Twitter is the latest social networking site that has been increasingly relevant in personal and corporate branding, communication, and social media. Barack Obama’s campaign used Twitter during the campaigning, and people from Shaquille O’Neal to ordinary people like myself use Twitter to broadcast their activities, much like a Facebook Status Update. Traffic and usage of Twitter spiked during the political campaign season, including being featured on 60minutes.

The whole idea with Twitter is informing everyone what you’re currently doing, whether you are an enterprise or an individiual. The site has moved from a site where you get short updates to receiving coupons, customer service, tips, and effectively becoming a mini-blog that’s easy to follow and share content.

Special interviews in the book from Pat Foley, Guy Kawasaki, Marshall Kirkpatrick, Rafe Needleman, Jeremiah Owyang, Darren Rowse, and Gary Vanderchuck

Please grab the book and subscribe to the site. Great for all of those looking for the next wave of personal and professional branding on the Internet. Plus, she allegedly mentioned me in the dedication, so that’s even more reason to grab the book : )

Kristen’s twitter account is here and multisocialmedia’s twitter account is here.

To learn about Kristen, and why she is an authority on Twitter, click here.


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