Teachstreet expands to San Fran

Teachstreet, the site that connects recreational learners with instructors has expanded to San Francisco. For example, if you are looking for dance classes, the best places for yoga, or even the best pottery instructors, Teachstreet is your destination. So far, they have launched in Seattle and Portland, and now taking on San Francisco. I wish I had more spare time for hobbies, but they need to bring Teachstreet to Chicago!

What I love about the business opportunity, is that it solves a real world problem, looking for recreational teachers in your city. Simple. That’s what I like about it. That was before I was connected to Dave Schappell via my blog, where I initially wrote about the service when it first launched. Since Dave commented on my blog post, we’ve had a chance to touch base and he’s been extremely instrumental in helping myself and my business partners learn the nuanaces of the fundraising process and being introduced to great people who has helped us as well.

One of the challenges of being a full-time entrepreneur is that there are too many people out there willing to give advice, with most of it being terrible advice. But Dave’s advice has always been sound, and it’s always best to get it from someone who’s encountered the problem, and has a similar business model.

Needless to say, I am a big fan of Teachstreet, love the new interface, and if you’re in San Francisco, Seattle, or Portland, please register for some classes via Teachstreet!


One response to “Teachstreet expands to San Fran

  1. Hey Emile — thanks for the continued support, and know that I’m always here to chat (or now, Google Video Chat 😉 ). Continued kudos on your progress — keep your head down and keep moving forward!

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