Soceeo Launches Alpha Version Today!

Woooh! It’s been an insane 24 hours, more like 10 days preparing for the launch of Soceeo, the project that I’ve been working on for over a 12 months. It all started when I realized that the Facebooks and Myspaces of the world hit such a critical mass that there needed to be niche networks created where people could make their own Facebook in less than 3 clicks. That’s what birthed soceeo. We are a combination of yahoogroups and facebook, which enable individuals, groups, brands, companies, and organizations to make a public or private presence. We have an extraordinary product roadmap, and I’ve explained what Soceeo is so many times, that I felt that I should just include some quick stats, relevant links for you to check out, followed by some screenshots.

Number of user interface versions: 3

Number of iterations before alpha launch: 3

Number of social networks created before alpha launch: 2,000

Total number of profiles on the site: Over 1000 test profiles created

About soceeo

Soceeo benefits

Share and Connect: Use cases for Soceeo:

Soceeo’s features

Contact Us

Important press links

Press Social Network

Venturebeat Review of Soceeo

Killerstartups Review of Soceeo

We also hit Techmeme, The Standard, and numerous mentions all over the blogosphere.


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