Insurance shopping site raises $6.5MM

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With the SavvyDoc blog, we not only want to highlight what we’re doing as a company, we also want to highlight other business, mainly start-ups that have disruptive business models aiming to make the health space better for ordinary people. Today, it was announced that Health Plan One raised $6.5 million Series A funding to build out their health insurance comparison site, led by Pequot Ventures.

Health Plan One is aiming to be the Orbitz or Travelocity of health insurance, that aims to bring transparency to the entire process, as well as ease of use. I think this idea has a great deal of merit because instead of pricing out the three companies that come to your mind when you think of health insurance, their service can streamline that search and compare sites side by side with one search. These comparison sites have really transformed the airline industry, and I expect a couple of sites similar to Health Plan One to pop up furthering innovation and disruption in this space.

How does this relate to SavvyDoc? What we aim to do is provide transparency within the health space, by enabling the consumer to have more choice and make more informed health care decisions. Although I cannot vouch for the accuracy of Health Plan One, from a mission statement and from a thirty thousand foot view, I like the idea.


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